Puppy Mills: Part One – Good-bye, Rosie the Riveter & Hello, Farmer John

Puppy Mill illustration

The late 1940s turned the financial difficulties of the Great Depression and WWII around. The economic boom years of the 1950s brought the United States interstate highway system, widespread corporate wealth, and the construction of the American suburban sprawl. A new phenomenon, suburbia provided affordable houses to thousands of returning soldiers and their new families.…

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Puppy Mills: Part Two – Taken From Mom: Now What?

There are four usual ways puppy mill proprietors divest themselves of puppies they have bred. They are: selling directly to pet stores, advertising on the internet, selling to a broker, and selling at auctions. Pet Stores The first way a mill breeder can unload puppies is to sell directly to their regular clients of pet…

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Bailey’s Hills

I almost made it to Bailey’s hills today.  I had hip revision surgery six weeks ago and each day I challenge myself to walk farther, with longer strides and more challenging inclines. Just a week ago I was dependent on a friend’s walking sticks to keep my balance. The week before that, I walked with…

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Why I Wrote the Pups & Purrs Children’s Humane Education Book Series

pups and purrs series sunny weber author middle grade kids reading

Coming-of-age books try to address emotional and social challenges that all children face. Children are buffeted in overwhelming directions during their formative years. There are so many options and expectations from society that often children founder in trying to discern how grow up to be the best they can be. Despite supportive adults, some children…

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Adoption Counseling: How to Make or Break a Family

“Hello, I adopted a puppy mill rescue dog five weeks ago and cannot get a leash on her. She is ruining my apartment because I can’t get her outside. Can you help me?” This email came through my website (www.sunnyweber.com) a few weeks ago. Because I specialize in working with fearful dogs, my mind’s eye…

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