Finalist: 2018 Dog Writers of America Association's competition,
Winner: CIPA EVVY Award!



"You are doing great things to educate people about their dogs!" - Temple Grandin, PhD

Just snap on the old leash and head out the door, until. . .

• Your dog pulls you off your feet
• You meet an off-leash dog or stray
• You’re nearly hit by a speeding bicyclist
• You encounter a coyote or a snake
• A passing runner causes your dog to go ballistic


From award winning author Sunny Weber, City Dog Walking Safety & Etiquette covers all the scenarios you and your dog can expect in urban and suburban environments.


You learn simple commands to help you understand each other, find the best equipment, become aware of local hazards, and appreciate basic manners so you and your pup are welcome wherever you go.


Sunny Weber will help you enjoy the outdoors  with your furry friend—safely!

What people are saying . . .

Steve Warneke,
Steve Warneke,
Retired Denver Police Sergeant Award Winning Author, Speaker, Broadcaster, Consultant

“I really appreciated how you emphasized enjoying and bonding with our beloved pets WHILE learning how to be safe. Your tips were very helpful and good for anyone walking a dog in any environment.”

Faith Wilbers,
Faith Wilbers,
City Animal Control Officer

"Learn simple commands, find the best equipment, become aware of local hazards, and appreciate basic manners so you and your pup are welcome wherever you go.

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Sunny Weber has over 25 years of experience in animal welfare advocacy. She is a humane educator, animal behaviorist, and trainer. She believes compelling storytelling reflects her passion for seeing the world through the eyes of the animals she works with and teaches about.

Sunny has developed educational programs regarding compassion, respect, and care of domestic and wild creatures. She writes extensively on animal issues in fiction, non-fiction, and blogs.

Authors of Sunny’s own childhood books influenced her future work as an advocate and writer. Consequently Sunny seeks to provide rich, multi-layered stories featuring complicated characters with whom children can identify. Her characters and their unique worlds will not only bring more understanding for pets, but also motivate children to read.

Sunny lives in Colorado with dogs, cats and parakeets. Their yard is a Certified Backyard Habitat for birds, squirrels, rabbits, pollinators, and any other creature with fur or feathers who wanders in.

Her first book is the multiple award winner Beyond Flight or Fight. Learn more about all of her books below:


Fiction Pups & Purrs Children's Series

Nonfiction Practical Guides