“. . .over twenty-five years experience”

  • Learn how pets cognitively process their environments.
  • Evaluate and eliminate common pet behavioral myths.
  • Build a more satisfying relationship with your pet.

Get help with your dog:

  • Potty training
  • Household manners
  • Socialization and confidence development
  • How to build a trust-based relationship
  • Dog walking etiquette and humane control
  • Fear issues
  • Introducing new companions: cat, dog, child, adult

Get help with your cat:

  • Litter box issues
  • Socialization tips
  • Inappropriate scratching
  • Over-stimulation aggression
  • Introducing new companions: cat, dog, child, adult

You learn:

  • Basic cat & dog behavior and how your pet learns
  • The importance of spaying and neutering-for population control and disease prevention
  • Why proper veterinary care is important; the role of specialists versus general practice
  • Why it’s best to keep your cat indoors and your dog on leash
  • How to avoid “anthropomorphizing” and better understand  pet cognition
  • Cat & dog aging issues
  • Dealing with pet fears & phobias

manner for mutts and kits programOver Twenty Years Experience In Relationship Building Between People & Pets