Once upon a time . . .

The country book mobile always ran out of dog, cat, and horse stories by mid-summer. Young Sunny’s voracious reading devoured every book the poor librarian could find.

When there were no more stories, Sunny began to write them. Childish passion for animals, reading, writing, and learning, matured into a mesmerizing adult story-teller.

And now . . .

Sunny’s prolific and didactic weaving of multi-layered tales with powerful themes create messages all readers can benefit from.

  • Sunny’s non-fiction books and articles educate people about animals and how they see their worlds.
  • Her children’s fiction stories feature humane education, starring animal characters. Challenges each character faces are ones children are challenged with also. By utilizing animals with their own voices, children can identify with kindred companions who become fictional friends.
  • Sunny contributes regularly to pet periodicals and guest blogs, which provide outlets for enlightenment as well.

Dovetailing her expertise and passion for education through story-telling, Sunny fuels her skills as an empathetic behaviorist, descriptive writer, and spell-binding speaker. She shares her vast experiences to help humans understand the relationships between people and animals-- to save more animal lives.

Sunny has over 25 years’ experience in rescue, service and therapy dog training, temperament testing, behavior evaluation, obedience competition, fostering, pet medical care, horse ground training.

For over 20 years, Sunny has offered in-home behavior consultations for problematic pet behavior diagnosis and management. She diplomatically addresses pet/owner conflicts with practical, realistic evaluation and compassionate counseling through her Manners for Mutts and Kits behavior business.

Sunny is a professional humane educator and consults with rescues, shelters and sanctuaries. Sunny has also developed educational programs regarding urban wildlife cohabitation especially focused on coyotes. She has addressed all ages regarding awareness of, and need for, compassion, respect, responsibility, tolerance, and peaceful co-habitation regarding domestic and wild animals.

Sunny speaks to myriad organizations about topics that relate to spreading humane education to all, especially The Link—how cruelty to animals always becomes violence against people. She customizes her presentations to each audience’s needs.

Sunny lives with rescued dogs, cats and parakeets. Their yard is a Certified Backyard Habitat for birds, squirrels, rabbits, pollinators, and anyone else with fur or feathers who wanders in.