Good for anyone walking a dog . . .

First, I found the book easy and fun to read. It was very informational and complete. I came across things that have happened to me.

Your tips are very helpful and good for anyone walking a dog in any environment. As a former cop, I can tell you having video footage of any incident is invaluable.

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Commitment to respecting dogs . . .

City Dog Walking Safety & Etiquette, is full of practical tips learned from her years of both good and bad experiences. Her commitment to respecting dogs and keeping them safe comes through clearly on every page.

This is a handbook we all can learn from, whether we walk our dogs in a city or on a trail in the woods.

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Enjoy the outdoors . . .

Sunny Weber will help you enjoy the outdoors with your dog – safely!

Learn simple commands, find the best equipment, become aware of local hazards, and appreciate basic manners so you and your pup are welcome wherever you go.

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