Decision Making in Times of Terror

This morning I was awakened by the annoying screech of an alarm on my phone, which sat inches from my disheveled head. I jerked awake, annoyed. One of my cats jumped off my back, where she sleeps whenever I am splayed in upside-down spread-eagled form. My small dog, who I have suspected as losing his…

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National Book Tour–Stop #2

The Dog at the Gate - How a Throw-Away Dog Becomes Special

Join me today on the second stop on my virtual book tour! My reviewer said: “I recommend this series to all parents. This series or any of the individual books would be great Christmas presents for a teacher or a library.” Read more at: All my books are available on Amazon.

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Why I Wrote the Pups & Purrs Children’s Humane Education Book Series

pups and purrs series sunny weber author middle grade kids reading

Coming-of-age books try to address emotional and social challenges that all children face. Children are buffeted in overwhelming directions during their formative years. There are so many options and expectations from society that often children founder in trying to discern how grow up to be the best they can be. Despite supportive adults, some children…

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Do Small Lives Matter?

I did not know Daisy long. We met in July, 2018. I had received a call from a bird rescue friend, Heather, pleading for me to check out three parakeets that were in need of help. My friend lived far away and I lived close to where the three birds were. I contacted the owner,…

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What Do Book Awards Really Mean?

 Public acknowledgement for one’s work is every author’s dream.  Perhaps even more important than sales, is the validation by one’s “superiors” (judges) for your talent, creativity, and mastery of craft. Being rewarded for the sleepless nights, hours and hours of work, and the painful launching of your literary child into the world, makes all the…

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Protect Yourself & Your Dog When You Walk

Encountering Challenging People One cold winter day I was walking on a pedestrian trail in a neighborhood open space. My dogs and I were the only ones in the vicinity until a young boy rode past on a speeding bicycle. As he passed me within inches, he kicked out at one of my three dogs,…

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Read My Guest Blog on Middle-Grade Ninja!

the dog at the gte sunny weber author book cover

I was recently asked to write a guest blog on an interesting trade site for middle grade children’s books. Some of my idols have posted there and I was honored to be included in such august company! The Great Ninja himself told me I could write on any topic I chose and I decided to…

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Colorado Voters for Animals

I am privileged and honored to be invited to join the Colorado Voters for Animals Board of Directors! CVA was founded in 1996 and has over 8,000 supporters today. CVA conducts candidate surveys, publishes scorecards ranking individual legislatures on their stands on animal welfare issues, testifies at legislative hearings, and helps craft bills that improve…

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