Teaching Children to Think Independently & Humanely

From Wild to Mild by Sunny Weber

How do we as parents, teach our children to respect authority and yet think independently enough to decipher and reject illegal, immoral, or dangerous demands from those more powerful than they are—especially when we are not present to protect them? We want to protect our kids from harm, yet they may face adults or peers…

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Humane Education Through Storytelling: The Pups & Purrs Children’s Book Series–Part 2

Sunny Weber - Book Reviews

In this segment of “Humane Education through Storytelling” we will examine the roll of parents, educators, counselors, and humane educators in reaching and turning potential young animal abusers into caring, respectful pet custodians. Reading life-like stories about animals and seeing the world through those animals’ eyes can engage youthful empathy and motivate conversations with trusted…

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Decision Making in Times of Terror

This morning I was awakened by the annoying screech of an alarm on my phone, which sat inches from my disheveled head. I jerked awake, annoyed. One of my cats jumped off my back, where she sleeps whenever I am splayed in upside-down spread-eagled form. My small dog, who I have suspected as losing his…

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