Dog Writers of America Association's Certificate of Excellence

Fearful dogs can be saved and have quality lives free of anxiety.

Whether you have taken a fearful dog into your home, or you work professionally to save lives, Beyond Flight or Fight is an indispensable tool.

Learn how to help dogs that have been neglected, abused, or are genetically timid.

  • How fear works: primary vs. secondary responses
  • Why rescue/shelter programs may not work
  • Safe places, escape, and helping dogs think
  • Flooding, aggression, learned helplessness: what happens/fixing it
  • Importance of: a familiar handler, time, and leadership
  • Specialized training techniques
  • Developing dog self-confidence
  • How to use: voice, hands, body, correction cues, and dog psychology
  • Why some dogs do not respond
  • Maintenance, proofing, accepting optimal levels


Exciting Endorsements

A great gift in her book

“Shy or fearful dogs often do not leave the shelters alive.

Sunny Weber has given those dogs and the people who love them a great gift in her book, Beyond Flight or Fight. Sunny has opened our eyes to the potential these dogs have, if we just have the time and patience to give them.

Thank you, Sunny, for sharing your insights and practical advice with us to help save these often overlooked dogs.”

Faith Maloney
Co-founder of Best Friends Animal Society, Utah

Easy-to-read and -understand resource

“Beyond Flight or Fight is an easy-to-read and -understand resource for all dog owners, whether professional or the general public, and whether their dog is feral or simply a little timid.

Weber’s stories demonstrate her compassion for dogs and their people.

Her practical guidance comes from a wealth of research as well as her extensive experience with many fearful dogs. Her conversational style helps the reader understand fear from the dog’s perspective, essential in advocacy.

May we all find someone as caring as Weber when we are afraid.”

Ann Howie
LICSW, ACSW, CEO of Human/Animal Solutions, Washington

Lots of step-by-step practical advice

“Beyond Flight or Fight will help you rehabilitate high fear dogs that may have been neglected or abused. Lots of step-by-step practical advice.”

Dr. Temple Grandin
Colorado State University, Professor of Animal Sciences, world renowned autism spokesperson

Help your pup and yourself

“This book combines humane pointers with heart-wrenching real life anecdotal stories on how to help your pup and yourself to less anxiety and more joy.”

Michele Burchfield
Marketing & Development Director of National Mill Dog Rescue, Colorado

How-to, even a human can follow

“Sunny Weber addresses ‘fearful dog’ issues with a how-to of basic cognitive responses even a human can follow. Enjoy and learn from this up-to-date treatise on animal behaviors.”

Dixie Loosli
Editor-in-Chief of Companion Animal Magazine, Utah

Important Addition to Dog Training Literature

“Beyond Flight or Fight is an important addition to dog training literature. Whether discussing fear development, aggression, or triggers, Weber helps readers better understand their closest companions.”

Kelsey McLellan
Humane Education Manager, Dumb Friends League Shelter, Colorado