Sunny has 40 years’ experience in public speaking on a variety of topics. She has addressed all ages regarding awareness of, and need for: compassion, respect, responsibility, tolerance, co-habitation, and care of domestic and wild animals.

fun-classroom-interatcionSpeaking Audiences:

  • rescues/shelters/sanctuaries
  • staff/volunteers/foster families
  • dog training centers
  • service groups (eg: Rotary, etc.)
  • special interest dog clubs

Topics Include:

  • Rehabilitating Fearful Dogs
  • Leadership in Dog/Human Relationships
  • Consulting With and Screening Adopters for Fearful Dogs
  • Voice As A Tool In Dog Training: How to Use Voice Cues with Fearful Dogs
  • Teaching Dog Foster Families What to Expect With Fearful Dogs

Sunny was only the fourth woman hired to represent top product manufacturers on an educational/marketing lecture circuit that included the entire contiguous U.S, Hawaii, Mexico and Canada. She has been utilized as the liaison between manufacturers, suppliers and end product users and has succeeded with diplomacy, tact, product knowledge, management consulting, and increased sales.

Sunny is available for presentations, educational panels, promotional activities, and trade shows. If you are in need of an animal welfare expert, fearful dog specialist, and/or dog behaviorist to teach in the ever-expanding niche market of pet advocacy, contact Sunny.