Colorado Voters for Animals
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I am privileged and honored to be invited to join the Colorado Voters for Animals Board of Directors! CVA was founded in 1996 and has over 8,000 supporters today. CVA … Read More

Snake Proofing Your Dog
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I pulled into the prairie training field and drove around people and dogs. Some were sitting under shade trees, some dogs were playing in kiddy swimming pools or being hosed … Read More

Numbers of Urban Coyotes Are Increasing–How To Avoid Conflicts
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I recently attended a crowded city “educational” meeting that was offered to worried residents who may or may not have experienced “close encounters” with one of our most populous wildlife … Read More

Wild Critters In The Cold
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Please try to help our wild friends during this unprecedented cold snap. Putting out food and water stations for birds, squirrels and rabbits will help them survive until natural food … Read More

Urban Wildlife Update#1
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Around 2:30 am one night during the last full moon I was awakened by one of my cats growling. Peeping in my SECOND STORY bedroom window was a stray cat! … Read More

The Meadowlark

The white three-quarter-moon rose over the flat eastern horizon while the sun set behind the blackened mountains of the Continental Divide in the west. A mid-winter orange glow lit the … Read More