In-Home Behavior Anyalysis
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I recently boarded a darling little two-year-old terrier mix who had severe anxiety. Her devoted young owners had adopted her a year ago and were about to give up on … Read More

The Effect Of Classical Music On Anxious & Fearful Dogs

Following a traumatic brain injury in 2001 I became unable to tolerate numerous routine sounds. Every day was torture as my brain chemistry ricocheted from deep depression to anxiety to … Read More

Barking Dogs–Compassionate Understanding & Solutions

BARKING DOGS Whenever people live in close quarters with each other as in a residential neighborhood there will be many ways parties can annoy each other. One of the most … Read More

Consider Your Pet Family When Shopping For A New Home

I’ve just returned from a delightful second house-hunting trip in Medford, Oregon. After several years of periodic exploratory trips around the country, I’ve decided the Rogue River Valley is my … Read More

Thinking Of Adding A Dog To Your Family?

Last Sunday was the 12th Annual Dumb Friends League Telethon in Denver, Colorado. I’ve worked at the telethon for many of those years and it’s a well organized endeavor to … Read More

Fearful Dogs and Small Children

Two weeks ago a milestone was reached in the life of my rescued Wheaten Terrier, Bailey. Six years ago she was left at the shelter I volunteered at. The relinquishing … Read More

Pet Politics

“Tired of voting for rats? Vote for a Cat!” Morris, a non-party candidate for mayor in Xalapa, Mexico touts a slogan few can criticize but many can nod heads and … Read More

Undersocialized Older Dogs

Dogs over the age of twelve weeks fight an uphill battle to accept new stimuli and experiences in stride. Those first weeks are the prime time to “socialize” a pup … Read More

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