In-Home Behavior Anyalysis
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I recently boarded a darling little two-year-old terrier mix who had severe anxiety. Her devoted young owners had adopted her a year ago and were about to give up on … Read More

The Effect Of Classical Music On Anxious & Fearful Dogs

Following a traumatic brain injury in 2001 I became unable to tolerate numerous routine sounds. Every day was torture as my brain chemistry ricocheted from deep depression to anxiety to … Read More

Laryngeal Paralysis In Dogs

When my nine-year-old Australian Shepherd, Miles, began to have difficulty breathing I was told by our veterinarian that it was, “Just the way old dogs breathe.”  Then he began panting … Read More

The Meadowlark

The white three-quarter-moon rose over the flat eastern horizon while the sun set behind the blackened mountains of the Continental Divide in the west. A mid-winter orange glow lit the … Read More

Caring For Your Pets From The Hereafter

“EMERGENCY ALERT!” So began an e-mail I received recently. I read on quickly, trying to decide if this message was spam or for real. I was shocked and saddened to … Read More

Barking Dogs–Compassionate Understanding & Solutions

BARKING DOGS Whenever people live in close quarters with each other as in a residential neighborhood there will be many ways parties can annoy each other. One of the most … Read More

Consider Your Pet Family When Shopping For A New Home

I’ve just returned from a delightful second house-hunting trip in Medford, Oregon. After several years of periodic exploratory trips around the country, I’ve decided the Rogue River Valley is my … Read More

Thinking Of Adding A Dog To Your Family?

Last Sunday was the 12th Annual Dumb Friends League Telethon in Denver, Colorado. I’ve worked at the telethon for many of those years and it’s a well organized endeavor to … Read More

Fearful Dogs and Small Children

Two weeks ago a milestone was reached in the life of my rescued Wheaten Terrier, Bailey. Six years ago she was left at the shelter I volunteered at. The relinquishing … Read More

Pet Politics

“Tired of voting for rats? Vote for a Cat!” Morris, a non-party candidate for mayor in Xalapa, Mexico touts a slogan few can criticize but many can nod heads and … Read More

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