Fearful dogs can be saved and have quality lives free of anxiety.

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Whether you have taken a fearful dog into your home, or you work professionally to save lives, Beyond Flight or Fight is an indispensable tool.

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Beyond Flight or Fight will help you rehabilitate high fear dogs that may have been neglected or abused. Lots of step-by-step practical advice.Dr. Temple Grandin, author of Animals in Translation and Animals Make us Human
Shy or fearful dogs often do not leave the shelters alive. Sunny Weber has given those dogs and the people that love them a great gift in her book.Faith Maloney, Co-founder of Best Friends Animal Society, Utah
Beyond Flight or Fight is an easy-to-read and -understand resource for all dog owners, whether professional or the general public, and whether their dog is feral or simply a little timid.Ann Howie, LICSW, ACSW, CEO of Human/Animal Solutions, Washington
This book combines humane pointers with heart-wrenching real life anecdotal stories on how to help your pup and yourself to less anxiety and more joy.Michele Burchfield, Marketing & Development Director of National Mill Dog Rescue, Colorado
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Chapter 1: What is Fear?
Chapter 2: Rescued! Now What?
Chapter 3: Beginning Rehabilitation w/ a Fearful Dog
Chapter 4: Over Threshold
Chapter 5: The Importance of a Familiar Handler
Chapter 6: The Importance of Time
Chapter 7: The Importance of Leadership
Chapter 8: Learning Theory
Chapter 9: Self-Confidence and Advocacy
Chapter 10: Habituating a Fearful Dog to People
Chapter 11: Training the Fearful Dog
Chapter 12: Realistic Evaluation
Glossary of Terms
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Sunny Weber, Author

It all began with a cowering Yorkshire Terrier named Sampson. His life depended upon Sunny’s ability to help Sampson find confidence in the human world. Sunny’s passion for rejected timid dogs fuels her skills as an empathetic behaviorist, descriptive writer, and spell-binding speaker. She shares her vast experiences to help us understand the relationships between people and animals, to save lives. READ MORE

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